Two Advantages of Free Internet Radio

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There are people who have heard of free internet radio but haven’t tried it yet.  They want to know what makes it different from the other kind of radio. Why is it so great to listen to free music online?  Here are two advantages of listening to the radio online.

Variety and choice – The choice of radio stations is the greatest strength for Internet radio. The choices for internet radio go far beyond the basic genres like pop and classic rock. If you are a fan of the 1980s, you can choose music from that, ranging from hip-hop to new wave.  If you enjoy electronic music, you are able to choose ambient, soundtracks from video games, trance, and more.  Streaming radio stations are available for just about any kind of taste.

Not as many advertisements – The cost associated with having an online radio stations are really high, but other radio stations are a lot higher.  The stations online generally don’t have a lot of commercials when they are compared with regular stations, some of the radio stations online get support from subscriptions or donations, or they are playing music that is royalty free, so they don’t have any commercials.

If you want to know of a place that you can listen to music online for free, a good place to go to is Online Radio Stations. They have a variety of genres that you can listen to and enjoy online. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like, they have it.

Big Reputation Management Problems for Celebrities

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Halle Berry, Eva Mendes, and Jessica Biel are among some A-list celebs getting disheartening news about their online rankings: they have all made it to the top cadre of McAfee’s list of Most Dangerous Celebrities to Search for Online. Twenty-two-year-old Emma Watson, famous for her portrayal of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies has the singular (dis)honor of being the chart-topper in this most disagreeable instance.

Nobody wants to be passed up for a project just because they don’t look like a safe bet. Whether it’s on account of going through real personal issues or simply unfounded bad publicity, you can do something to protect your name online — as well as your employment prospects.

How Celebrities Can Improve their Online Reputation:

  • Set up multiple sites with your name in the domain like; make sure each site is different from the others so that they’re not flagged down by duplicate content filters
  • Set up social media profiles to become active on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and the like.  (Note, our sister company iClimber offers mass social profile creation services.)
  • Work with an online reputation management company to get help developing and managing the content on your sites and social media accounts.
  • Taken together, all the points above can help push down negative sites on search results for your name