Two Advantages of Free Internet Radio

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There are people who have heard of free internet radio but haven’t tried it yet.  They want to know what makes it different from the other kind of radio. Why is it so great to listen to free music online?  Here are two advantages of listening to the radio online.

Variety and choice – The choice of radio stations is the greatest strength for Internet radio. The choices for internet radio go far beyond the basic genres like pop and classic rock. If you are a fan of the 1980s, you can choose music from that, ranging from hip-hop to new wave.  If you enjoy electronic music, you are able to choose ambient, soundtracks from video games, trance, and more.  Streaming radio stations are available for just about any kind of taste.

Not as many advertisements – The cost associated with having an online radio stations are really high, but other radio stations are a lot higher.  The stations online generally don’t have a lot of commercials when they are compared with regular stations, some of the radio stations online get support from subscriptions or donations, or they are playing music that is royalty free, so they don’t have any commercials.

If you want to know of a place that you can listen to music online for free, a good place to go to is Online Radio Stations. They have a variety of genres that you can listen to and enjoy online. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like, they have it.

Tips for Finding Free Internet Radio Stations

A lot of people have heard of free internet radio and they want to try it.  One of the good things about web radio is that there are a lot of different types of music that you can choose from.  Here are some tips for looking for radio on the Internet,

Search for music – You know what kind of music you like, so do a search for your chosen music genre. This is one of the best places to start when you are looking for radio music on the Internet.

Search for artists – This is another way that you can find the music that you are looking for on the Internet.  Think of the artist that you like and use them to find the music that you enjoy listening to.  You are going to find lots of radio stations that you can choose from.

Ask friends – Ask your friends what kind of radio on the web they listen to. They may not have the same kind of taste in music that you do, but they may be able to give you advice on where to find a good radio station.

Whether you love jazz music or you love another kind of music, you will find that there are lots of stations that you can choose from on the Internet. One of the best places to go is Online Radio Stations. You are going to find a lot of choices there and a lot of your favorite artists there as well.

6 Red Carpet Beauty Hacks Stolen from Celebrities

red-carpet-beautyMaybe not many of us will be hitting the red carpet for a premiere any time soon, but there’s nothing wrong with borrowing some celeb hacks they use to look great when we have a special occasion of our own. With that in mind, here are some tricks to work into our routines.

#1 Layer Blush Sealed in with Your Hands
Apply a deeper blush on the apples of your cheeks to emphasize your bone structure. Go lightly when you blend it into the hollows, then press your fingertips and palms against your cheeks so you can “seal” it and finish it off.

#2 Bold Lipstick That Doesn’t Smudge
First, apply a waterproof concealer around your lips. Apply lipstick from the tube but use a lip brush to reach those tricky spots the stick can’t quite get at. Then use a coordinating pencil to line your Cupid’s bow and outer lip corners, and smooth any dry patches with lip balm.

#3 Soft, Smoky Eye
Use wet eye shadow as the liner. There should be no gap between the line and the lashes. Using liquid liner would make it look more intense and harder.  Without a line, the smoky eye would look soft. Dip a wet brush in the eye shadow and blend it inwardly right to your lashes. Take the hue in between your lashes so that there’s no gap. Use a dry, clean brush to blend it all together and make it look thicker.

#4 Do a Dirty Bun
Dirty locks have grit and better texture, making it easier to achieve this look. Pull your tresses back from the side, then tie them into a ponytail. Twist the ponytail into a chignon and secure it with bobby pins.

#5 Get Crafty
To minimize the impact on hairbands on your look when you’re going for elegance, braid your hair to the very end. Pinch the end then backcomb to keep it in place. It will get fuzzy, but your braid will not unravel. This style focuses on the shape and adds texture to your hair. Seal it with hair spray, then pin the plaits across your nape. You can also dab some wax on your fingertips to provide your braid with more grip while you’re weaving your hair.

#6 Rinse with Champagne
This is a trick that works for blondes to help highlights last longer. Start by combing champagne through damp hair, working it in well with your fingers. Also make sure to get that champagne on the roots of your hair—maybe an empty hairspray bottle can help. The champagne’s golden color will emphasize the same colors in your highlights. The sparkle and consistency of champagne will also give your hair shine and volume.

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How to Choose Music Online

When you are looking online for a free internet radio player, there are a few things you need to consider.  The most important things to think about is audio quality, how compatible the player is with your computer and other devices, how easy the player is to use, the availability of music online you have to choose from and how many radio stations the player offers. 

Many people today, especially the younger crowd are looking for Top 40 music that they can listen to on their computer while they are working, doing homework or just relaxing with some good tunes.  These players have given people the chance to listen to a variety of music and radio stations from all over the world.  They have become increasingly popular in recent years.  These internet stations allow people the convenience of listening to mainstream radio stations that are on the internet.  There are some players that let you listen to music that is already stored on your computer.

But with the popularity of these players, this means that there are more players to choose from.  So how do you know which one you are supposed to pick?  You can check out for starters.  They have a listing of all of the free radio stations that are available online. They have made it easy for you to locate the radio stations that interest you the most.  So, choosing music online has just got a whole lot easier for you.

Listen to Free Music Online Through Web Radio

Technology has revolutionized the way radio is enjoyed. Before, radios are only available in the form of radio apparatus which had to be placed in homes, offices, and cars. But now, radio access can be done through computers and laptops, handheld gadgets, and even mobile phones. With web radio, it has really become easier to listen to free music. Online radio gives you access to a wide variety of free music, across different genres. Unlike the usual radio where you’re only limited to choosing from a few local stations, web radio lists free radio stations across the country and also around the world, and you only have to choose which you prefer. Now, you don’t have to be restricted to only a handful of stations in your area; web radio can broadcast music from major cities in the country like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, as well as from other countries around the world such as Paris, London, and Sydney, to name a few.

Online radio goes beyond music; it also gives you access to news and current issues. The fact that radio programs eliminate the “visual noise” that is experienced from TV, radio talk shows are still valued by a lot of people who want to stay informed about issues and events in the local and foreign scene. Much like online music, web radio also has free news and talk stations across the country and the world that you can access conveniently.

Advances in telecommunications and the expansion of World Wide Web and internet has definitely made it easier to listen to free online music and news broadcasts. With web radio, you are can stay connected and up to date.

Country Music in the New Age

Younger generations are going to have no idea how the rest of us ever managed before the dawn of the internet age. Having to actually go to a record store and manually search through hundreds of records, cd’s or cassettes just to find the latest country music will seem like a completely alien, and primitive concept. The internet has made everything incredibly simple and streamlined that we don’t even acknowledge the complexity that simple tasks, like purchasing music, really have underlying the simple point and click mouse gesture.

It is possible that sometime in the not-so-distant future, the radio waves will be silent, as streaming radio becomes the mainstream and is incorporated into even more of the devices that we use on a day to day basis (Wi-Fi compatible toaster, anybody?). This should hardly be seen as a bad thing, as it is all for our own convenience, allowing us to focus on other facets of life that were previously unobserved due to the distractions and tedious ins and outs of our routines.

There is some reasonable concern about how the digital switch may take away jobs, since free radio may replace paid radio disk jockeys, but you have to remember to look for the silver lining. A digital environment provides more opportunity for entrepreneurial ambition. People will have to be entirely responsible for their own success on the basis that there is simply no other way to make a living. Rather than being seen as a problem, it should be seen as a challenge that presents new opportunity.

Finding the Best Wedding Venue in LA

best Wedding Venue in LAArticle Written by : Fancy That Jewelry Design

If you’ve just begun planning your wedding, you certainly have your work cut out for you. But keeping in mind the result you’re working towards is an easy way of keeping it light-hearted and enjoyable.

One matter that’s probably at the top of your list is making the best choice of all the Los Angeles wedding venues available to you. There are plenty of banquet halls in Burbank that would be perfect for any occasion. But don’t let all these choices become daunting.

Start by thinking of any weddings you’ve been to in the area that you enjoyed. Those are always the best choices. While you might find the perfect location elsewhere, you never know how it will function on the big day. In these scenarios, ask for testimonials from people who celebrated their wedding there. If you can find independent testimonials online, these are always best.

Here is where the right wedding planner can make a world of difference. Ask for a recommendation from people you know and whose weddings you attended and enjoyed. The right wedding planner will usually have a long list of venues in or around Los Angeles that they can point you to. Best of all, once you select the place, they can be entrusted to handle the details.

Don’t let the process of finding the best venue for your wedding intimidate you. Start by asking for recommendations from friends and family and look for a wedding planner whose help you can enlist.

Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black album becomes the largest-selling album in the UK

Following the untimely death of Amy Winehouse on the 23rd of July, not only has she left her fans bereft but also a line of clothing with Fred Perry that remains unfinished. However, apart from all the sad news that surrounds her death, her album ‘Back to Black’ has overtaken James Blunt’s album ‘Back to Bedlam’ this week as the bestselling in the UK.

It’s no surprise that it surpassed James Blunt’s record sales by registering 3.26 million sales ever since news of her death was released by the press for the last three weeks. For people who haven’t followed Amy Wineheart’s music, Back to Black was her second album and final album before her death this year.

Along with this, musicians around the world are showing their solidarity to Amy Winehouse by paying tribute to her music, one being George Michael, who sang “Love is a losing game” while Tony Bennett will make an introduction to the Amy Winehouse tribute in this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Interestingly, both Amy and Tony had recorded “Body and Soul” for his Duets II album which will be released on September 19, 2011, and as a single as well, so that the proceeds will go towards a foundation that will help people struggling with addiction.

This comes immediately after the toxicology reports which stated that illegal drugs weren’t the reason for her demise but the presence of alcohol was yet it was still inconclusive whether it was the cause of Amy’s mysterious death or not.

Simon Cowell reveals all about Fuller’s lawsuit against Fremantle and Fox

Following the controversy surrounding Kitty Brucknell it seems as if Simon Cowell has his hands full even before the first show opens in the United States in September. To make matters worse, Simon Fuller has sued Fox as he claims that the promise of a role as an executive producer of the X Factor USA along with millions of dollars in fees has not been offered to him.

Even though Simon Cowell is not directly involved with the lawsuit, he has recently clarified his stand on the matter by clearly asking Simon Fuller to keep his hands off “The X Factor”.

His logic is simple: If Simon Fuller is not currently contributing to the show, then why should he be given that role?

Simon Fuller and his lawyers believe that the show, X Factor, is exactly like the popular TV show, American Idol, and based on an earlier agreement made between the two Simons, that he was promised executive producer credit as well as fees for the show.

Come September, the X Factor will be released in the United States, and according to Simon Fuller, it’s time to get what he deserves as agreed earlier with both the companies, Fremantle and Fox.

Simon Cowell, on the other hand, believes that no such deal occurred between the parties and most of all, he wasn’t involved with the deal, to say the least. In fact, he goes as far as to say that the litigation issues with the X Factor in the UK did not include any such agreement by any of the parties that are a part of this new lawsuit.

Fox agrees with Simon Cowell for the moment, even though it will end up airing both shows going forward since there has been no injunction to stop the production of the X Factor in the United States. But Simon is pretty clear about one thing: Simon Fuller will not get what he wants with the X Factor!

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Is the Vilification of Paparazzi Justified?

Written by: Omar Amanat

Summary: Paparazzi are undoubtedly hated by the community, but they also pay an important role in modern culture.

The much-disdained paparazzi are some of the most inconsiderate and selfish individuals to ever work in the journalism industry. But, is it fair for the people to verbally assault them as much as they do?

The Term “Paparazzi”

Paparazzi was coined in the 1960 Federico Fellini film “La Dolce Vita”. One of the characters that appeared in the movie was named “Parazzo”, which by definition is an Italian word that’s used to describe the irritating buzzing sound made by a mosquito – the word in itself is pejorative.

Now, most of these photographers are stereotyped as being intrustive and physically aggressive to celebrities. You see it everywhere. As long as there is a celebrity spotting, there are bound to be dozens of paparazzi littering the streets. Why? Because people want to see the latest in their favorite movie and television stars.

Legitimate Paparazzi?

There are two types of photographers that cover today’s modern culture, red carpet photographers and paparazzi. The main disparity between the two is that red carpet photographers are credentialed and formally invited to shoot events. Paparazzi, on the other hand, aren’t invited and tend to follow celebrities wherever they are without consent. Another major difference between the two is red carpet photographers maintain a respectful distance as opposed to the intrusive nature of paparazzi – they don’t care what happens, as long as they get a story out of it.

The Role of Magazines

If people didn’t read magazines or didn’t care about celebrities, the paparazzi might not even have existed in the first place. But, in today’s culture that wants the latest tabloid on meltdowns, divorces, and other personal events, it’s undoubtedly a hit. If you asked any paparazzi, they’d tell you if you don’t like it, don’t read the magazines. In many cases this is true, but it doesn’t give them a pass to continue their reckless abandonment of dignity.