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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… We waited and waited. And then Star Wars came finally came out on Blue Ray. Was it worth the wait though? I’d say no. Sure, watching any sci-fi epic like Star Wars is sure to be an exhilarating experience in HD, but with all the changes creator George Lucas decided to make to the original film, many die-hard fans are in such an uproar it doesn’t matter how cool it is to see the death star explode in HD.

One of the major changes fans seem to be grumbling about involves the climactic battle sequence at the end of “Return of the Jedi” in which Luke Skywalker has a lightsaber duel with his father, the infamous Darth Vader. In the original film, the evil Emperor, and Vader’s master, attempts to “zap” Skylwalker to death with his darkside powers.

However, before he can finish Vader picks the Emperor up, torn between his allegiance to his master and love for his son,, and tosses the Emperor into what looks like a never ending pit. But now, in the remake, Lucas has Vader screaming “Nooooo” as well and fans aren’t too pleased with the choice – even if their beloved Star Wars is finally is on Blue Ray.

It seems to be a common theme with Lucas over the years – changing his movies. He’s constantly adding and deleting things, plugging this in there and that over there. With all the changes he has made, it almost seems as though Lucas isn’t pleased with his original films. Otherwise, why change them so much? The one great thing about the Star Wars films is they continue to stand the test of time. Unfortunately, it seems as though the films never stood the final text given by George Lucas.

How to be low-key but sexy for chilled out movie nights

23Written by Costbuys

For low-key dates, you may want to look like you didn’t try too hard, yet look put together and pretty. When spending the night on the couch with a good movie, comfort is key. Here are some combos that will make you look great and yet look like you didn’t try too hard.

Long boyfriend shirt – Men’s wear has become very popular with women. An oversized shirt can be worn as a comfortable dress. For a night in, scrap the shoes and go for a pair of boots or a pair of knit knee-high socks. Keep the look simple with basic jewelry and a saddlebag. Check online discount website, for summer sales that will see your shirtdress at half price.

Daytime movie hangs in – Choose a cropped chunky sweater with a linen cotton long pant. Think of one with stripes and a high waist, for a flattering. Match it with a pair of pumps and bring your smallest, cutest bag with you

Jeans and a top – If you’re live in jeans, match your outfit with a body suit in a neutral If you want to show some skin, go for one without sleeves. Instead of wearing full-length jeans, opt for a cropped pair in a casual wash. Finish your outfit with a pair of lace-up flats that are comfy and fun.

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6 Red Carpet Beauty Hacks Stolen from Celebrities

red-carpet-beautyMaybe not many of us will be hitting the red carpet for a premiere any time soon, but there’s nothing wrong with borrowing some celeb hacks they use to look great when we have a special occasion of our own. With that in mind, here are some tricks to work into our routines.

#1 Layer Blush Sealed in with Your Hands
Apply a deeper blush on the apples of your cheeks to emphasize your bone structure. Go lightly when you blend it into the hollows, then press your fingertips and palms against your cheeks so you can “seal” it and finish it off.

#2 Bold Lipstick That Doesn’t Smudge
First, apply a waterproof concealer around your lips. Apply lipstick from the tube but use a lip brush to reach those tricky spots the stick can’t quite get at. Then use a coordinating pencil to line your Cupid’s bow and outer lip corners, and smooth any dry patches with lip balm.

#3 Soft, Smoky Eye
Use wet eye shadow as the liner. There should be no gap between the line and the lashes. Using liquid liner would make it look more intense and harder.  Without a line, the smoky eye would look soft. Dip a wet brush in the eye shadow and blend it inwardly right to your lashes. Take the hue in between your lashes so that there’s no gap. Use a dry, clean brush to blend it all together and make it look thicker.

#4 Do a Dirty Bun
Dirty locks have grit and better texture, making it easier to achieve this look. Pull your tresses back from the side, then tie them into a ponytail. Twist the ponytail into a chignon and secure it with bobby pins.

#5 Get Crafty
To minimize the impact on hairbands on your look when you’re going for elegance, braid your hair to the very end. Pinch the end then backcomb to keep it in place. It will get fuzzy, but your braid will not unravel. This style focuses on the shape and adds texture to your hair. Seal it with hair spray, then pin the plaits across your nape. You can also dab some wax on your fingertips to provide your braid with more grip while you’re weaving your hair.

#6 Rinse with Champagne
This is a trick that works for blondes to help highlights last longer. Start by combing champagne through damp hair, working it in well with your fingers. Also make sure to get that champagne on the roots of your hair—maybe an empty hairspray bottle can help. The champagne’s golden color will emphasize the same colors in your highlights. The sparkle and consistency of champagne will also give your hair shine and volume.

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Beyonce Named Billboards Woman Of The Year

Beyonce has been named Billboard’s woman of the year. Billboard holds a Women In Music event every year and this year Beyonce will be honored on October 2nd in New York City. Billboard chooses the women in the music industry based on their success, leadership and new ideas. Beyonce is being awarded for accomplishments made over the past 12 months. Beyonce has been around for a while now, but her journey started long ago as a kid.

Beyonce’s got started on her tour, “I am…”, in support of her third solo album, last year. Beyonce will be taking her tour to over 20 countries by the time the tour ends in November. Beyonce recognized the crisis in the auto industry and showed her generosity by giving away 2,500 tickets to families affected by the failing auto industry in Detroit. On top of that, she teamed up with Feeding America, and General Mills Hamburger helper to help deliver more than 3 million meals to local food banks. Her third album, “I am… Sasha Fierce”, debuted at No. 1 on Billboards top 200 chart in November. Beyonce worked on this last album for almost a year. Longer than any other album she previously worked on. Including those she worked diligently on with the former group Destiny’s Child.

Out of the 51 year history that Billboard has with the Hot 100, Beyonce is the only artist to top the chart as a solo artist and as a part of a group for 10 weeks or longer.


HIGHLIGHT: Lawyers for the TV hit and a Tampa software firm take their show to court. One contest features crooners ages 16 to 28 in a glitzy battle for fame and record contracts. Its season finale last month drew 31-million TV viewers… The other contest features Hillsborough County school kids singing songs like On Top of Old Smoky for college scholarship money. Its March finale at Busch Gardens drew dozens of parents and friends.American Idol. Reading Idols. Nobody is likely to confuse the two. But that hasn’t stopped lawyers for the Fox TV megahit and Tampa-based Electronic Learning Products Inc. from trading legal salvos over Reading Idols and whether it infringes on the American Idol brand.Electronic Learning upped the tempo last week when it filed a preemptive lawsuit in Tampa federal court.Though neither party would comment on the dispute, the seeds of war apparently were planted in February. That’s when Electronic Learning – the fledgling software company behind Tune in toReading, an innovative, karaoke-style program that helps low-achieving students improve their reading skills – filed an application to trademark the “Reading Idols” name. The firm recently had begun sponsoring contests under that name as a reward for area students whose schools used the software.FremantleMedia North America Inc., the Burbank, Calif., entertainment giant that trademarked the phrase “American Idol” in 2003, saw the filing as a threat. In a June 6 letter, it gave Electronic Learning until June 14 to drop the Reading Idols name and trademark bid, or face litigation. Its argument: that the public naturally, and incorrectly, would assume that American Idol sponsored or was otherwise connected to Reading Idols.Indeed, legitimate licensees pay a hefty bounty to tapAmerican Idol’s brand magic. Last year, for example, Kraft Foods introduced an Idol-like singing contest centered on its classic Oscar Mayer hot dog jingles. American Idol stars participated in a kick-off ceremony, the grand prize was a trip to the American Idol finale show, and American Idol’s logo appeared on millions of hot dog packages.But instead of waving a white flag last week, Electronic Learning filed suit, asking a federal judge to make FremantleMedia retreat.It’s not the first time FremantleMedia tried to enforce the American Idol trademark. Last year, for example, it sued Highend Holdings LLC, a company out of St. Petersburg and Odessa, for sponsoring exotic-dancer contests under the name America‘s Naked Idol and attempting to trademark it.Was American Idol the inspiration for Reading Idols? Electronic Learning’s lawsuit doesn’t say. But a company spokeswoman may have given the secret away in a recent interview with After the students performed at Busch Gardens in March, she said, audience members were invited to vote for their favorite performer at “Similar,” she said, “to some television shows that you might watch.”Scott Barancik can be reached at or (727) 893-8751.FAST FACTSReading Idols’ roots– In 1994, Electronic Learning Products started selling SingingCoach, which teaches singers to sing on pitch and in rhythm.– A mother of a student said her child’s reading comprehension improved because of the product.– Since the beginning of this school year, Tune in toReading software has been installed in more than 60 classrooms throughout Florida. The software assesses students’ reading levels, then assigns them songs.– As a reward for students whose schools use the software, Electronic Learning sponsors contests under the Reading Idols name. Hillsborough students recently competed in the contest, with college scholarships as prizes.