Spears vs. Carey: Who will be a better judge of voice talent?

Article submitted by www.iclimber.com Mariah Carey has just signed a deal to become the next judge on “American Idol,” expecting a paycheck of reportedly $18 million. Fellow pop star Britney Spears will reportedly be receiving $15 million for her... 

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Health & Fitness

Benefits of a Split Workout Routine

Almost everyone is familiar with a full body workout that you might push through for at least one hour or so, and while it might have its benefits, it might not suit some people for various reasons. For those of you who aren’t aware of either, a full-body... 

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Entertainment, Film & TV

Secrets to Film and Book Adaptations

Written by: Charles Matthau Summary: Learn the secret to a successful film adaptation. Adaptation is not the same as reproduction, and the film and book versions of a story may not be comparable. The best adaptations are usually faithful to the book with... 

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Sports & Recreation

Real Madrid fans unite and soldier on!

Written by Soccer Garage We may have fallen flat on our faces when we faced Valladolid, but madridistas should not take this as a sign of defeat. We must not concede the La Liga just yet. And with 2 matches remaining, we must show our players just how... 

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