The Challenge for Celebrities Searching for Abundance for Their Lives

Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance.

Celebrities with an abundant mindset see the world differently than the rest of us. They understand that in order to be successful, they must reach beyond there insecurities and believe in themselves. It takes a lot of talent and moxie in order to be successful in the movie and music industry, but there are many success stories out there. And these people often come from poor or underprivileged backgrounds.

Dolly’s story

We all know the story of Dolly Parton and how she grew up in a country home with a big family. Her family didn’t have all the resources available to many of us and yet Dolly persevered. She learned to play the guitar. She was pretty and had a beautiful singing voice and she believed in herself. In the music and entertainment industry, there are many success stories like hers.

Meeting the challenge

Though becoming a success in Hollywood is challenging, many celebrities have met and exceeded those challenges. The secret for some of them is simply the idea of believing that they had what it takes to succeed. There will often be obstacles that get in the way of your success, but you must persevere. You must believe that you are talented enough. And you must realize that the world around us is filled with abundance. There are millions of trees, animals, rivers and other life on this planet. Abundance is a natural way of life on planet earth. It should be much easier to succeed than to fail.

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