Enjoying the Benefits of A Sunless Tanning Solution

When you can look in the mirror and see a nice tan, you are going to feel good.  That is the reality of what a spray tan can do for you, there is nothing like a sunless tanning solution.

When you are trying to get ready for your big wedding day, one of the best options that you can choose to do in terms of preparing yourself to look your best, is to go and take on spray tanning.  Spray tanning is something that has turned into a must-do for brides all over the United States and the world.  Nothing looks better than when your skin looks like it was just kissed by the sun.  Spray tanning allows you to get a tan in absolutely no time at all.  You are going to end up with an extremely smooth and clear finish that is going to have no streaks at all.  The perfect looking tan is something that is absolutely priceless.  When your wedding day comes you want to look your absolute best, and having that perfect looking tan is something that can really put you over the top so that when you look at your wedding pictures a few decades down the line, you are going to smile from ear to ear and be absolutely amazed with how great your skin looked.

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6 Red Carpet Beauty Hacks Stolen from Celebrities

red-carpet-beautyMaybe not many of us will be hitting the red carpet for a premiere any time soon, but there’s nothing wrong with borrowing some celeb hacks they use to look great when we have a special occasion of our own. With that in mind, here are some tricks to work into our routines.

#1 Layer Blush Sealed in with Your Hands
Apply a deeper blush on the apples of your cheeks to emphasize your bone structure. Go lightly when you blend it into the hollows, then press your fingertips and palms against your cheeks so you can “seal” it and finish it off.

#2 Bold Lipstick That Doesn’t Smudge
First, apply a waterproof concealer around your lips. Apply lipstick from the tube but use a lip brush to reach those tricky spots the stick can’t quite get at. Then use a coordinating pencil to line your Cupid’s bow and outer lip corners, and smooth any dry patches with lip balm.

#3 Soft, Smoky Eye
Use wet eye shadow as the liner. There should be no gap between the line and the lashes. Using liquid liner would make it look more intense and harder.  Without a line, the smoky eye would look soft. Dip a wet brush in the eye shadow and blend it inwardly right to your lashes. Take the hue in between your lashes so that there’s no gap. Use a dry, clean brush to blend it all together and make it look thicker.

#4 Do a Dirty Bun
Dirty locks have grit and better texture, making it easier to achieve this look. Pull your tresses back from the side, then tie them into a ponytail. Twist the ponytail into a chignon and secure it with bobby pins.

#5 Get Crafty
To minimize the impact on hairbands on your look when you’re going for elegance, braid your hair to the very end. Pinch the end then backcomb to keep it in place. It will get fuzzy, but your braid will not unravel. This style focuses on the shape and adds texture to your hair. Seal it with hair spray, then pin the plaits across your nape. You can also dab some wax on your fingertips to provide your braid with more grip while you’re weaving your hair.

#6 Rinse with Champagne
This is a trick that works for blondes to help highlights last longer. Start by combing champagne through damp hair, working it in well with your fingers. Also make sure to get that champagne on the roots of your hair—maybe an empty hairspray bottle can help. The champagne’s golden color will emphasize the same colors in your highlights. The sparkle and consistency of champagne will also give your hair shine and volume.

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