Increasing Business with the Right Facial Tables and Chairs

Everyone loves getting a facial. Besides the promise of rejuvenated, healthier looking skin, facials promise rest and relaxation. An easy way of upping your sales of facials is by providing your client a better experience. And an easy way of doing that is by upgrading your equipment. If you want your customer to value your service better, provide them a better service. One way of doing this is with a better facial table or bed.

Given that facials can take anywhere from thirty to ninety minutes, customers spend a lot of time in the furniture you pick out for them. If a facial chair or table isn’t comfortable, how can you expect them to look forward to another facial?

Although they might be expensive originally, facial chairs and tables are a great investment in your services. Unlike switching to new oils or aromatherapy candles, facial tables and tables are something you pay for once and then use often. Unlike those other examples, you do not constantly need to buy more. Facial chairs and tables are readily apparent to your customers, making for an easy way to show them you care.

When possible, many proprietors will rent tables and chairs and get feedback from their clients before actually buying one. This saves money on buying one that won’t be popular and shows their clients that they value their opinion.


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