Spray Tanning Yourself At Home: The Hard And The Fun Part

Spray tanning yourself can be quite fun and messy! You may have a few hiccups on the first few tries but all can be perfected with constant practice. You can easily purchase spray tanning supplies and a sunless tanning equipment through online suppliers. All you need to do now is to follow a few easy steps to get that bronzed look you have always wanted!

Before you purchase a spray tan, make sure that it has DHA content. DHA is the main ingredient that gives off a temporary tan without harming your skin. Spray tans that contains moisturizers is a bonus, if not, you can always purchase a separate one. If you are tanning yourself inside your bathroom, cover the floors and surrounding areas with news paper or a towel. Spray tans can cause permanent stains so make sure that you protect the area before spraying. Spray the mist all over your body, keep in mind that you need to hold your breath, close your eyes and mouth. Your back may be a bit of a challenge, invite your best friend over and help each other out in tanning those hard to reach areas.