The Best Low Calorie Drinks with Alcohol

There are people who try various ways to lose weight, like counting calories. This can involve counting the calories in everything, even the calories in a Banana. There is no right or wrong way as long as it is healthy for you and as long as you are losing the weight you want.  Some people try one of the commercial programs.  Other people try just cutting out junk food from their daily eating schedule.  Some try protein shake recipes.  And others try substituting their normal alcoholic beverages for low calorie alcoholic drinks and that is what we will be talking about here.  Many people who are trying to lose weight think that all alcoholic drinks spell calories.  This is not entirely true.  There are many alcoholic drinks that are loaded with calories but there are still some of your favorites that are low in calories. 

If you love mixed drinks, then Sangria, Apple Martini Sour, Mudslides, Gin and Tonic and Vodka and Diet Coke are all delicious and low in calories.  If you are a beer person, make note that regular beer contains 150 to 190 calories, light beer has 95 to 125 calories and ultra light beer contains 65 to 95 calories.  If you enjoy wine instead, white wine and champagne has the lowest calories in comparison to red wine. Just keep in mind that you will need some Potassium rich foods to offset the drop in your electrolyte levels.

Here are a few drink recipes that are easy to make and low in calories.  A Moscow Mule uses one ounce of vodka, 3 ounces of ginger ale and juice from ½ a lime.  Add ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake well.  Serve chilled.  Gin and Tonic is easy to make by using 2 ounces gin, 6 ounces diet tonic water and 2 fresh lime slices.  Mix ingredients well.  Add a couple of ice cubes to a glass and serve.


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