Q&A Interview with George Gstar

When it comes to business and building a social media empire, no one does it better then George Gstar. He has successfully managed businesses in many sectors including lending, real estate, trucking and recycling. He is also a successful social media influencer. And now he has decided to move into the world of music. His first release will be a rap single called “Dark World.” We were lucky enough to catch this busy guy and get him to sit down with us and talk about his future in the music industry.

Q – Tell us how you managed to get a record deal.

george gstar
george gstar

A – I have been lucky enough to make some important connections in the world of music such as Tr3way Entertainment and BMF. I started out in the SoundCloud rap world making my mark there. After several record labels noticed me, I was able to land a huge deal to cut this first single and a music video. It’s called “Dark World” and it’s pretty good.

Q – When will your single being released?

A – We’re hoping to get this completed and released by Christmas of 2021 but it may be early 2022. We’re creating an incredible music video as well.

Q – Give us some tips for success in the world of social media.

A – It’s not about how many followers you have. It’s about creating content that helps people and connects us all. Try to be real and always be passionate in your posts.

Q- Can you give us some tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur?

A – Make sure that you set your brand apart from all the others. There are lots of different ways to do this. People are looking for something special, unique and exceptional. The average consumer will pay more for an unforgettable experience.

Q – What kind of music did you listen to as you were growing up?

A – I’m all about music that helps us to experience the joy but also the pain of life. I like hip hop music and Emo Rock. Some of my favorite artists are Tommy Lee, The Smashing Pumpkins, Kurt Cobain, Nirvana and Oleander.

Q- Have you made any mistakes you want to share?

A – I have and thanks for asking. Because I’ve learned so much from the mistakes I’ve made. I believe we all learn much more from failures than from successes. I’ve learned to take my time before jumping into a new project. Ask questions and try to be knowledgeable before moving forward with some great new idea.

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