Spears vs. Carey: Who will be a better judge of voice talent?

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Mariah Carey has just signed a deal to become the next judge on “American Idol,” expecting a paycheck of reportedly $18 million. Fellow pop star Britney Spears will reportedly be receiving $15 million for her talent judging skills on “The X Factor.” While we know which star is getting the bigger paycheck, the more important question remains: Which diva will do a better job?

It’s hard to say. Both stars have many things in common; they’ve earned multi-platinum hits, they have dedicated fans, and they both enjoy international fame. They also share a reputation for “loopy behavior,” according to FoxNews.com.

When it comes to Spears, the opinions are mixed. Editor of bsideblog.com, Ben Mandelker, doesn’t think Spears will be interesting to watch. He told FoxNews.com that although Spears has a reputation for loopy behavior, she might not say anything Bizarre. Mandelker thinks she will most likely be given a list of “appropriate responses” that she can or can’t say, turning her into a “robot,” instead of a “loopy” judge. However, not everyone thinks she will be boring to watch. “American Idol” expert Richard Rushfield told FoxNews.com that he is “waiting to see what Britney does,” implying she might have some wiggle room to display her wild behavior.

When it comes to Carey, Mandelker thinks she has the potential to be an “insightful judge,” as long as she is honest with the contestants. Editor of mjsbigblog.com told the news outlet that Carey will be good for the show if she is a “little nutty,” replacing what people loved about Paula Abdul.