Sound proofing your home studio

A great many people these days have a home studio. Whether your studio is simply for your own enjoyment or you’re doing a bit of recording there, you’ll need some professional sound proofing and acoustical foam is a good product to use.

With so many people now doing Tik Tok videos, podcasts and YouTube videos, it’s no wonder the general public has questions about how to sound proof a home studio. First of all, you’ll need to decide on what types of sound proofing foam will work best. Many start out with acoustical foam. This is a good product that offers excellent results at an affordable price.

Sound proof your studio

Acoustic panels can be customized to fit your requirements. It’s not necessary to completely cover a wall with foam. There are many types of foam available from acoustic wedge, acoustic pyramid, acoustic eggcrate, acoustic spade, acoustic grid and acoustic wave. You may need to add sound proofing products to corners or ceiling.

Acoustical foam can be cut down to the size you need in our factory. It’s also fairly easy to cut it yourself if you decide to change your sound proofing design. A spray adhesive is the best way to adhere the foam to your surface. If you’re unsure about where certain pieces should go, then apply a light coat of adhesive so the foam can be moved.

Looking for help?

At The Foam Factory, our staff can help you choose the right type of foam and decide on the amount you’ll need for your home studio project. Our products are top of the line and easy to work with. Let us know if we can help with your next acoustical foam project.