Should Lionel Messi be blamed for the World Cup Finals loss?

Written by Soccer Garage

If you own aAdidas soccer jerseyor Soccer jerseysof the best footballer on earth, don’t take them off and torch them yet just because Lionel Messi missed his free kick at the dying minutes of extra time. You should cut the guy a little more slack. He was actually amazing throughout the game, and it is very unfair for people and critics alike to pass the blame to him just because he wasn’t able to deliver. Did you know that in most clutch situations, star athletes are actually unable to convert most of the time. And that is a statistical fact. No matter how good Lionel Messi may be with a football, it does not mean that he can convert free kicks and shots on goal every single time. Just like every other superstar before him, Lionel Messi is human – despite the fact that he looks like Hermes dribbling the football and Artemis while striking. If you think and reflect on the championship game, it was the Argentine defense that conceded the goal, it was not Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi simply failed to convert his free kick which would have equalized the game and sent it to a penalty shootout. He led the national team to the finals, and he delivered game after game and pass after pass as well. So give the guy some slack. He’s already had enough to deal with having to endure the loss. He doesn’t need any more criticism or jeers.


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