Five classic French beauty tips

Written by Costbuys

The French seem to find dressing, eating and living a healthy life, an effortless task. Here are some classic French beauty tips that anyone can include in their daily beauty routines.

Minimalism – French women prefer to wear makeup in a way that enhances their natural beauty. They often only use foundation, blush, red lipstick and mascara. They also prefer to buy outfits in neutral shades like black, blue, beige, and white. Their outfits include basics like skinny jeans, loose sweaters, and ballet flats. As for their hair, they prefer to wash it and let it air dry.

Taking care of their skin – French women take care of their skin and prefer to improve their natural skin than to cover it with makeup. They often look at discount websites for products that offer skin firming, plumping and hydrating benefits.

Moderation – To maintain their healthy figures they believe in eating in moderation. Although they enjoy butter, cheeses, pastries and fresh bread, they choose to eat them in small quantities.

Keep it together – French women often drink to the point that they are happy and animated, but not to the point of incoherence. This makes the French, seem classy and well put together.

Age with grace – Aging for French women is not terrifying and an inevitable part of living. Therefore, they choose to live colorful lives well past their 60’s.

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