7 tips to enjoying a summer music festival

There is nothing quite like getting out with some friends and hitting up a summer music festival for to enjoy some of your favorite music and the camaraderie of fellow fans. However, these day or weekend long festivals often involve sitting out in an open field in the hot summer sun, and they require a little more preparation than your average concert. There’s no need to become camp counselor or the festival boss in order to keep things under control, but you are more likely to have a good time if you simply follow these seven tips to enjoying a summer music festival.

First off, stay hydrated. Many festivals do not let you bring in outside beverages, so plan on shelling out some cash for cold refreshments. Next, be sure to bring sun protection; you can get burned surprisingly easily during a day in the sun at a festival. This means hats, adequate clothing and sunscreen. On the other hand, it also helps to plan for rain. A big thunderstorm can be dangerous in the open field of a major summer music festival, so follow basic safety precautions . The fourth tip is to have a back up plan. The show might get canceled because of rain, sick band members or any number of reason, and you want a fun alternative if the show is a washout other than moping in some roadside diner. Also, be sure to pace yourself if you decide to drink alcohol at the festival. You are going to be their all day, so save the beers for the headlining acts once the sun goes down so that you can actually enjoy the show. Unless you are unhealthy or really want to be up front, consider just going with regular admittance tickets instead of the more expensive seats with actual chairs. Show up early enough to find a nice spot to make camp and bring your own folding chairs to enjoy the show on the lawn amongst your fellow fans.