How to start up an Online Clothing Boutique.

Clothing is a passion for many people, but some do not find the need to go into the design process, or perhaps you are just an Entrepreneur looking for a  great idea, either way starting a Clothing Boutique can be extremely rewarding, and starting it up online can be much cheaper than finding a location, paying rent, buying display cases etc. Though its important to find a good niche for your Boutique, such as womens clothing, so you can begin buying wholesale women shoes or even buying wholesale skirt and other clothing.

Once you’ve done that its important to decide if you want a dropshipper or to have your own items in stock, if dropshipping do a ton of research before deciding to make sure their product is legitimate and their reputation for fulfilling orders is good. Otherwise you’ll want to stick with finding a wholesaler, this can seem much easier in many cases. Check the prices and the minimum order requirements to see if they are in your price range, and feel free to order a sample piece. Most real wholesalers will be happy to send out a sample piece. Remember that your inventory should be treated extremely well, as it is the key to your success. If people get clothes that smell bad or are badly damaged or wrinkled, its likely they won’t purchase from you again, and may even give you a bed reputation. Word of mouth is very powerful especially in the day and age of the internet. Setting up your site can be fairly easy, you can hire someone to help you if you don’t know how, or look into using a CMS such as wordpress. A great place to start marketing is facebook, make a page just for your shop and offer giveaways or sales to start up, you’ll get lots of attention and may even go viral!