Simon Cowell reveals all about Fuller’s lawsuit against Fremantle and Fox

Following the controversy surrounding Kitty Brucknell it seems as if Simon Cowell has his hands full even before the first show opens in the United States in September. To make matters worse, Simon Fuller has sued Fox as he claims that the promise of a role as an executive producer of the X Factor USA along with millions of dollars in fees has not been offered to him.

Even though Simon Cowell is not directly involved with the lawsuit, he has recently clarified his stand on the matter by clearly asking Simon Fuller to keep his hands off “The X Factor”.

His logic is simple: If Simon Fuller is not currently contributing to the show, then why should he be given that role?

Simon Fuller and his lawyers believe that the show, X Factor, is exactly like the popular TV show, American Idol, and based on an earlier agreement made between the two Simons, that he was promised executive producer credit as well as fees for the show.

Come September, the X Factor will be released in the United States, and according to Simon Fuller, it’s time to get what he deserves as agreed earlier with both the companies, Fremantle and Fox.

Simon Cowell, on the other hand, believes that no such deal occurred between the parties and most of all, he wasn’t involved with the deal, to say the least. In fact, he goes as far as to say that the litigation issues with the X Factor in the UK did not include any such agreement by any of the parties that are a part of this new lawsuit.

Fox agrees with Simon Cowell for the moment, even though it will end up airing both shows going forward since there has been no injunction to stop the production of the X Factor in the United States. But Simon is pretty clear about one thing: Simon Fuller will not get what he wants with the X Factor!

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